Ivan Weinberg received his undergraduate degree from Stanford University in Biological Sciences. He has a Master's in Health and Medical Sciences from the University of California, Berkeley where graduate studies included coursework in basic medical sciences and a thesis on medical aspects of tort reform. His legal education was at UCLA.

After passing the bar in 1967, Mr. Weinberg entered practice in San Francisco with Sedgwick, Detert, Moran & Arnold, which specializes in insurance defense litigation. In addition to various general defense litigation matters, his medical background was put to use in medical malpractice, and medical products, litigation. There followed a two year period of trial work in criminal law with the public defender's office in Oakland, California. In 1974 Mr. Weinberg resumed his defense practice with a medium-sized San Rafael firm where he was a partner from 1975 to 1981.

Thereafter, Mr. Weinberg established his own firm in Sausalito. Weinberg, Hoffman, LLP, now in Larkspur, presently handles all manner of insurance defense litigation, though Mr. Weinberg's primary interest continues to be in medical-legal matters. His practice has included the defense of nursing homes, sub-acute hospitals, convalescent hospitals, substance rehabilitation facilities and residential facilities for children. 

In addition, he handles special education matters where medical issues predominate. A substantial portion of his practice encompasses plaintiffs' medical malpractice litigation. He also handles peer review matters and defends physicians and other health care professionals before California licensing boards.

"Mediation has truly become the gold standard of dispute resolution. It empowers the parties to effect an outcome at a time when they are still in control, before the reins are irretrievably taken by other decision makers." - Ivan Weinberg