Richard R. Rudnansky has been involved in Alternative Dispute Resolution in one form or another and in various capacities for over 25 years. He has completed well over 100 hours of mediation training including training with the Strauss Institute for Dispute Resolution at Pepperdine University, the Center for Mediation in Law and the American Institute of Mediation. 

Before retiring from the day to day practice of law after 35 years to devote his full attention to mediation, Mr. Rudnansky was a principal with the law firm of Meyers Nave and the managing partner of the firm's Santa Rosa office.

Mr. Rudnansky has ecperience in state and federal courts, in a wide range of cases including but not limited to tort (e.g. motor vehicle, dangerous condition of public property), civil rights (e.g. due process and equal protection, police procedures and use of force), insurance law and coverage, inverse condemnation (e.g. landslides, floods, takings), environmental (e.g. California Environmental Quality Act), land use (e.g. land use entitlements, zoning, easement and boundary disputes, real estate), municipal and governmental disputes; mobile home park rent control, nuisance; and contract disputes.

During his legal career, Mr. Rudnansky has represented individuals, public agencies, and insurance companies as both plaintiffs and defendants. He was the City Attorney for the City of Petaluma and General Counsel for the Petaluma Community Development Commission; Town Attorney of Windsor and General Counsel for the Windsor Water District, Windsor Redevelopment Agency and In-Home Supportive Services Public Authority of Marin; and interim City Attorney for the City of Modesto managing an in-house staff of 6 attorneys and 4 support staff there until the City hired an In-House City Attorney.

He advised these public agencies on almost all aspects of municipal law, including land use, environmental issues, conflict of interest, Brown Act, public records requests, nuisance abatement and public works projects. In addition, he has had experience in defending a wide variety of claims on behalf of a number of governmental entities, including cities, counties, and school districts, in areas of land use, civil rights, environmental law and torts (in both State and Federal Courts). 

 "Mediation can resolve disputes and conflict in a way that reduces or eliminates the time, expense, emotional drain and uncertainty of outcome that accompanies litigation.

Although they may not agree, the goal is for the parties to at least understand each other’s points of view and needs so they can move forward in a respectful and dignified manner and, with the assistance of the mediator and their respective attorneys, reach an acceptable and fair resolution." - Richard R. Rudnansky