Judge Robert S. Boyd (Ret.) was appointed to the Sonoma County Superior Court in 1998 and served as a Judge until his retirement in June, 2019. In addition to serving as the Presiding Judge of the Superior Court for three years (2005-2008), he presided over Criminal, Civil and Family Law Departments and while presiding over Civil and Family Law calendars, served as the Supervisor of these two Departments.  He was selected to serve on the Judicial Counsel’s Civil Law and the Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee and was chair of both committees.  He was elected to serve on the Trial Court Presiding judges Advisory Committee (2006-2008) and was selected to serve on the Judicial Council Budget Committee (2005-2008). Judge Boyd received the ADR Judge of the year Award from the Sonoma County Bar Association in 1999 and before he was appointed to the bench, was actively involved in creating and participating in the Sonoma County pilot ADR program. While a Judge and assigned to a civil courtroom, he attended the six day Dispute Resolution Program at Pepperdine University.

Judge Boyd first practiced law in San Francisco for five years, first with Hancock, Rothert and Bunshoft and then with Bronson, Bronson and McKinnon. Judge Boyd and his family moved to Sonoma County in 197.  He began practicing law in Santa Rosa in 1978 and founded a law firm which subsequently became Boyd, Murray and Wick, providing civil litigation services for the next twenty years. The firm focused on insurance defense and also represented plaintiffs in personal injury cases and a wide variety of civil litigation matters.

In 1993, as part of the firm’s practice, Judge Boyd and Robert Murray founded the Arbitration and Mediation Center (AMC). Before being appointed to the Superior Court, Judge Boyd was an active panelist with AMC, conducting mediations, arbitrations and providing Special Master services. During his twenty one year tenure on the Sonoma County bench, Judge Boyd actively supported and encouraged parties to settle their cases and was able to help facilitate resolution of over 200 personal injury and/or family law matters.

Judge Boyd graduated from UC Berkeley and, after serving three and one half years in the U.S. Navy, honorably discharged as Lieutenant JG, he graduated from Hastings Law School. He taught contracts at Empire School of Law for fourteen years. He was on the Board of Directors of Garbage Reincarnation a company active in collecting and recycling reusable garbage and other used household items. He served on the Board of Directors of the Blood Bank of the Redwoods from 1997 until its sale to the Irwin Memorial Blood Bank of San Francisco in 2012, serving as President from 2007-2011. He has been a member of the Sebastopol Rotary club for twenty five years and continues to be actively involved in their community programs.

"Mediation provides the parties in dispute an opportunity to create a resolution between themselves rather than have a judge or jury impose a decision on them, thus avoiding the expense of time, money and emotional stress.

The parties know what is most important to each of them and, if willing to listen and accept that some compromise may be necessary, can achieve a mutually acceptable solution. A trained mediator can guide all sides to a dispute through the often difficult process of gaining insight into how the other side sees and evaluates the issues, a valuable skill that is helpful in determining the best steps to take during the negotiation. A skilled and conscientious mediator will not give up until every possible resolution has been explored." - Robert S. Boyd